Monday, October 3, 2011

October is Here!

   And here I was going to cut back on my blogs,and I see this one has 6 followers!
   I have decided to combine my bari uke blog with this one then,to cut back on the amount of blogs I have as this has resulted in my not doing any writing-I want to update one blog,then knowing I should update all of em,I get overwhelmed. 
   Halloween is coming and I'm plucking Yuletide carols-I got out my vintage Hilo and Harmony ukes as I haven't played them for Zither Heaven uke has become my main tote along tho I still have a deep love of vintage fleas. To my amazement,I'm finding out I'm memorizing more chords than I thought I knew! 


  1. Hi, congrats for the gigulele bags. Do you sell them and would you ship to Italy? Please reply to
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Thank you for the inquiry! At this time,I don't ship to Italy-seems like a lot of sellers have problems with customs when sending internationally.