Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Store on Etsy- Flea Bagatelle!

   I've had synchronicity working with me over the past week-all starting with ukulele gig bag inquiries-and while I've sold a handful of them,they've not done as well as I'd hoped. However,I got a nice compliment from a follower on Twitter showing the first one I ever made. The a few inquiries about some that might go with the banjo uke you see at the top of the page here. And then a grandmother who wants a nice bright bag for her grandaughter's soprano uke. 
   At the same time I placed myself back into creative recovery via Julia Cameron's book "Finding Water". I started my morning pages again after many years of not doing them.
   While this is going on,the little uke boutique I had on another site had it's last listing end,and seeing as I hadn't had any sales there,I closed the shop. I wondered about opening yet another store on Etsy. I looked thru a Thesaurus for words alluding to "bag" or "purse" I found "bagatelle" also meaning trinket or bauble. Flea bag had been on my mind but that name was already taken. Flea Bagatelle came out of nowhere and I loved the word play. I wanted one to think of Paris,of posh accessories so rarely found but cherished and desired. I opened the store yesterday,relisting my fashionable uke gigbags and dustcovers. Designed the banner on the left this morning. I enjoy sewing and creating things...and this is do-able.The morning pages had cleared the static in my head enough to hear the Universe calling.Do visit the store and let me know what you think-what fabric prints you'd like to see. I have jewelry in mind for the shop too-stay tuned! 

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