Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time is flying-Halloween Ideas for Flea Pluckers!

    Here it is the 6th already and I'm still preparing for Halloween,and it's a joyful process. Just because it's a night of costumes and candy giving doesn't mean your flea has to sit in it's coffin-er-case all alone. How many of you ever thought of dressing in costume and assuming a uke playing vampire or witch? A mummy? Scarecrow? 1920's flapper? The possibilities are endless. Try learning "them bones",Hangmans's reel,"Monster Mash",or any other Halloweenish tune that comes to mind. You'll probably be able to find free versions of the songs on the web. You'd only need to know two or three-the kids won't hang around that long....they want to get to the next house before the candy runs out!

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