Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Encore for Eternity" Online Memorial

  I have sponsored two more legendary web memorials- that of Mel Bay and Paul Ash,who had many popular tunes put into sheet music with ukulele arrangements. Not wanting to have too many memorial spots on this page,I've created my own web memorial on the lower left hand side. Click on the picture and you'll see Roy Smeck,Mel Bay,May Singhi Breen,and Paul Ash listed-click on whichever one of those you desire and you'll be taken to their final resting place on the web,where you can leave flowers and a note if you wish-free of course! I suppose this comes from my Celtic roots of honoring those who have went on before us,but I do like to acknowledge those who have aided me musically,or wrote songs that I enjoy playing on ukulele.

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