Thursday, October 20, 2011

Musings on Creative Unblocking/Recovery

   I remember back in the mid 90's when "The Artist's Way" was a huge hit among blocked creatives in all genres,me being among the blocked. I purchased the book & worked thru it,and while I wasn't completely unblocked,it did enable me to see what mental conditioning needed to be gotten rid of,and sure enough opportunities did present themselves,which had gotten me back to playing for audiences. This is when I was mainly a guitarist. 
    Last night I was having a phone conversation with a friend I considered to know well.Imagine my surprise when we got to talking about music,and after knowing her 2 years,she confided in me she was a pianist in her youth up to college. I asked her what got her to quit playing. It was a teacher she had that she simply couldn't stand in addition to the mechanics of music theory being shoved down her throat as opposed to making music. 
    She still has a piano in her home. The one her mother learned on & played-an old upright. I asked if she ever tickled the ivories & no was her response. At the same time,her job has been in a stressful situation due to changes in her department,which has led to weight gain. We talked about her beginning to have fun with the piano again and different head trips teachers,parents,lovers and friends can cause,and the damage we allow it to do. And how to get past it.
    This gave me ideas for looking for a piano book for her that would be fun & refresh the musical memory at the same time-then Julia Cameron came to mind. Had she written any more books since "The Vein of Gold"? answered the question with a yes & presented other books to look at. 
    I'll admit I'm still blocked when it comes to recording utube videos or sound recordings. In part due to my mother who's mission it was to be sure I didn't act like a "Leo" she made sure I never played guitar for people visiting as I grew up. After all,that would be being the center of attention-a Leo flaw. Even with her being passed on for nearly 10 years,and me in my late 40's,I still contend with this and I come up with "valid" excuses not to record. 
    To my delight,I found two of Julias' books used on eBay-one is called "Finding Water" and the other is "Walking in This World" I'll see what I think of them once they get here,and I may get an additional copy for my pianist friend. 
    Funny in helping another sometimes,we hear ourselves giving advice we need to hear for ourselves. Stay tuned....

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