Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Fire up Your Creativity Book

     I consider myself a rather odd individual at times because of seemingly strange habits that I have-like buying a book and not reading it for a year,two,or three years. Then the urge finally hits and the plunge is taken.
  What can one conclude from that? Personally,I think it's a part of  myself that knows I'll need the info for that particular book (not talking fictional books,btw!)but that at the moment,I'm not ready/receptive to the info inside. 
  My latest adventure is in finally cracking my copy of "The Creative Habit:Get It For Life" by Twyla Tharpe.If anyone would've said I could learn a lot from a dancer,I'd thought them crazy....but they'd be right.
  The reading style for this book is very random. Rather than start at the first chapter & plod thru,I asked the Universe "What do I need to know now?" as I flipped the pages and let the book open where it will. Wow. Where it fell hit right on what I needed most-how to get started. My biggest flaw in personal projects like compiling a book of tunes for baritone ukulele. This chick has very concrete ways of getting you to focus,start,and proceed. And they make sense! Just so you know there's no fluff methods in here such as perching yourself high in a tree or sitting by a river. It's all how to organize your ideas for a project & get them going. So now in the quiet moments of morning before the house stirs,I wander the pages and have 'ah-ha!" moments in how to bring things from the realm of ideas and "wouldn't it be neat to...." to actually doing it.

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