Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! 2012 is Near

First off,an apology for falling off the map. In truth,since my last post I got so busy running the store when the hours at my part time job went to full time unexpectedly due to winter & spring semester registrations,I was coming home from that job and then packing up orders to ship for about 2-3 hours on most nights. I'm still playing catch up on leaving feedback for customers-in a word,I was truly worn out.
I knew I was exhausted when for the 1st time in my life,on the 24th,I nearly said to hell with putting up the tree or decorating. I wasn't upset or depressed-I was tired. It was my Father who coaxed me into the ultra last moment decorating,and I'm glad I did.
After the holiday I rested & shipped items that needed to go out & am catching up on leaving feedback for customers, but aside from that,I haven't done much except play music on uke,my new electric violin,and mandolin, & classical guitar. I seriously needed that time out to recharge.
I was playing Spanish baroque tunes on my Zither Heaven uke last night-lovely compositions and I love the fact I can play tunes that were penned in 16-something.
A New Year is just before us,and I have a good feeling about this upcoming 365 day trip around the sun. What uke playing resolutions have you made for the upcoming year? To start teaching? Performing? learning new tunes or a new style? Lets strum our ukes into 2012!