Monday, January 31, 2011

Latest Addition to the Family.....

    Try as I may to control my aquiring "new" ukes,eventually one comes my way that I bid on,& win!
This one will need to go to the shop before I play it-an unlabeled all mahogany Harmony uke. Just gorgeous with the trademark plastic fingerboard and tuning pegs. It has 4 cracks in it which I've been heavily tempted to repair myself-I've been wanting to learn how to do minor repairs on ukes anyhow,but am leery as it is made of such nice wood-bigger than you standard soprano,too. Has a wonderfully thin neck-I notice many of the modern day ukes have chunky ones.  Seems to be made more heavy duty,as it were. The pic you see above was taken the day it arrived-I've since cleaned it up and have been humidifying it to plump up the wood before having the heat cracks repaired. And as I'm one of those key of D players I want to make sure she'll hold up to the higher tuning.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to the Blog!

  This is something I've threatened to do for ages and I nearly didn't-there's sooo many uke blogs out there already. But I felt there was a need for a 21st century flapper girl to post about ukulele from a different genre-I'll be focusing on fingerstyle,melody chord playing, & 20's-30's tunes,in addition to playing tips and photos of my own uke finds,the latest gig bags I've made,so on & so forth. A lot of uke players blog about the Hawaiian roots & style of playing,but there seems to be a lot that is overlooked and/or ignored in other styles and technique. There will be a fair amount devoted to baritone playing here as well tho the soprano will by no means be ignored. The pic you see is of the "Rocket Science" gig bag I made and is currently up for sale in my Etsy store.