Monday, October 17, 2011

Arranging Christmas Carols and Reading Music

   I know I covered this when I had a seperate baritone uke blog,but felt it was important to go over this for all uke players,no matter what tuning or size flea you play. 
   I accidently discovered I have abilities to arrange music from my soprano uke books,"regular" songbooks,vintage sheet music & the like because I taught myself to read music when I was 11. Whenever I hit on uncharted territory with a song,as in "I've never heard that one before" I grab my baritone uke-I'll confess my strongest music reading ability is on baritone from my previous years on guitar. As I have a good working knowledge of the fingerboard up to the 7th fret,I can usually navigate a piece with relative ease. 
   If it wasn't for my being able to read music I'd be stuck with uke tabs only. And that would seriously limit the songs I play. 
   I'd like to encourage all ukulele players to learn to read music for their flea-it's not nearly as hard as some would make it out to be,and you won't believe the doors it opens as far as your being able to pick up any piece of music and see what it sounds like-and that can lead one to arranging tunes for their flea from pieces that weren't written for uke! It's very freeing,really and makes you a better player. 

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