Friday, March 4, 2011


         Today the copies of "Ukulele Bluegrass Solos" arrived for the store,and I think a new era has dawned in the ukulele world and bluegrass music. I believe the term I coined,"Bl-ukegrass" says it all. Kids,get prepared to see bl-ukegrass bands springing up like dandy-lions. I expect traditional bluegrass bands may get a ukulele player joining up here & there. Don't forget banjo ukes or baritone,either. This book,by Ondrej Sarek,is absolutely wonderful You get to learn right hand techniques like banjo rolls,flatpicking,using fingerpicks,and a capo.
         The author got a lot of the standards in,like "Sally Goodin" (one of my faves) "Soldiers Joy" and "Red Haired Boy". It's in TAB and standard notation. Wish a CD would've been included with the book. I can't help but think that this guy has started something. I'll bet he does a volume II for this,in addition to other uke arrangers writing these old time tunes for ukulele adding their own flair. I'm already looking at some old time tunebooks I have for soprano & baritone arranging. 
         Fun to play out of,too! Started using a thumbpick to see how I like it. Nice thing about thumbpicks as opposed to plectrums is you never have to worry about dropping them. 
         So what would make a great name for a bl-ukegrass band?

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