Sunday, March 27, 2011

Planning Ahead With The Seasons

      One of my worst habits is learning "Holiday" themed songs in time for the actual event. I come up with a ton of excuses for each one except Yule cause I love playing carols. However-with the 4th of July and Halloween,I have a terrible tendency to get lazy. So- figuring I'm not the only one,I thought I'd get you kids inspired to plan ahead. For me-the next big holiday is 4th of July-meaning I'll be wanting to learn some Patriotic tunes and some old time ditties. That means getting to work on those songs starting tonight,as I'll have a lot of time between now & then to get them down pat. 
       No doubt you're thinking that there's no Halloween songs out there. Well there is in a sense-you can learn tunes from movies like "Ghost Busters",classics like Bach's Tocatta & Fugue in DM (I looove that piece!) or old time fiddle tunes with spooky titles like "The Hangman's Reel". In fact,with Halloween you may want to step it up a notch or two. Ever think about dressing up as a zombie uke player? One from the roaring 20's? If you're a storyteller,so much the better. Think about what costume you'd like to wear,(thrift stores & yard sales are a great place to find costumes & accessories) Sit on your porch if you have one,playing your flea next to the candy bowl. scare the dickens out of the kids. The reason I'm bringing this all up so far ahead is you won't be able to give yourself the excuse of not having enough time to prepare. Just think-you could be a ukulele wielding vampire this year......:-)

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