Friday, March 18, 2011

Porches...A Player's Paradise!

      I didn't mean to be away for this long-I must confess the news from Japan has had an effect on me,and when I haven't been watching news updates I've been packing orders and working in the yard. And speaking of gardening,(in a sense) now that spring is near,it's warming up,the sun is shining,I have to ask you......aren't you sick of playing in the house?!?

      In modern America I fear we've forgotten what a fun place the porch can be. It is the perfect place to sit and play ukulele while sipping your favorite beverage on the porch. What? Your porch is a mess? Well-now that the weather is nice,consider this a musical assignment. Go out and take a nice,honest look at your front porch. Make a list of what it needs, and don't forget comfy chairs without arms. And plants. The ones you really think look dandy. Need a table? Chairs are good but needs new cushions? If you're on a budget my "places to shop" would be as follows: 
  •        Chairs & tables,stools,etc Garage sales,Big Lots if they're in your area,Thrift Stores. 
  • Cushions-I always buy these new!!! Big Lots,Lowes,Home Depot
  • Flowers & plants,etc Pots at yard sales (ceramic ones) or Big Lots. Flowers at Home Depot or Lowes or a reasonable nursery. Plant seeds if you love to garden. 
   Clear off the porch and sweep it off-I like to hose mine down,but if there's water rationing in your area,don't chance it-make a clean sweep. Now before you put everything back "where it was before" experiment and re arrange things in a different way that may work better for you. 
   Bear in mind this is also applicable to the back porch if you don't have a front porch,the deck,or a nice spot in the backyard. 
   Apartment dweller? (I 've done that!) If possible,pick a place that gets a nice amount of natural daylight,preferably by a window. A window with a pretty view is great. Bring the outdoors in with houseplants,(some blooming varieties too!) an indoor fountain,bird feeder hooked up to the outside of the window if possible. Make sure you have a nice chair or stool to sit on & play,with a small table for your cup o java,tuner,& books to sit on. 
   When all is done,take your ukulele to your new "playin place" and enjoy. Bless it with sound!

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