Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Restored Uke.......

I was scared to start & but once I got going,my confidence grew,and now I have the coolest sounding uke-esp for bluegrass! And I figure I probably saved myself around $60 in luthier fees. My only investment was a bottle of Titebond glue-recommeded by @Doug Berch & @cursleyukuleles,who are two great guys to ask luthiery questions of. She had heat cracks on the front & back,and the small clamp that was picked up at Harbor Freight turned out to be worth it's weight in gold. All mahogany,it's got the thinnest neck I've ever seen. Thinner than my vintage Japanese made Hilo,which I considered to be pretty trim. I've noticed the modern ukes have chunky necks-not good for doing barre positions personally speaking. I found a very helpful article online for repairing heat cracks-that told me all I needed to know. I've been playing "Sally Goodin" on it-my own arrangement heavily influenced by a guitar version I had memorized as a teen. The Tab for that will be appearing shortly-and as I've been asked for a utube presentation,that will also be forthcoming.

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