Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ukuleles Are Good Medicine

       Ahhh my faithful readers.....I know you've been awaiting another exciting blog entry from me-I got a decent post done for the Hep-Kitten blog,and I confess I've momentarily run out of gas for this one. I caught some sort of sinus/cold bug over a week ago and let me tell you,it is a most stubborn strain. I got the deluxe version that also comes with a cough that likes to wake you in the middle of the night.
       I've had enough cough drops to make a suggestion to the cough drop makers: could you please please come up with a variety pack of different flavors? Like life savers? Coconut flavored cough drops would be delicious with cherry,lemon,strawberry & perhaps raspberry. No black cherry cause that's all I've had for nearly 2 weeks. I'm not sick enough to warrant a visit to the dr,but I am feeling draggy. 
      Ukulele has been my best medicine,along with getting vintage sheet music delivered  to my house that I won online. I scanned my copy of "The Sun Is At My Window" (Blowing Kisses at Me) Cool tune and I love the lyrics. We need more "feel good" tunes in this day & age. I think sometimes with all the technology and hi speed stuff we've forgotten how to enjoy ourselves & lighten up,even if just for a little while. I wish I sang cause this song is just wonderful. I'll be working on the melody tonight with my Hilo. (pictured above). 
      That Hilo was a Goodwill Auction win for under $20 & all it needed was a new set of tuners and strings. I did add a little cushion to the bridge as it had a slight string buzz. Sweet sound & good feel to the neck. 
       Ever since I got a video camera to do some songs for my utube channel I've either needed a haircut or had sinus probs. At this rate I'm thinking of going & doing a song,sniffles,dark circles & all! *laughs*

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