Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review on Kamuke Magazine

I received my first issue of Kamuke today in the mail-and I have to say I think this is one fine magazine. It's been rather frustrating-in the past I've subscribed to guitar magazines,I get Fiddler magazine on a regular basis,but nothing for ukulele. I know there are some fine e-zines out there for ukulele,but as much as I love computers & the internet,there's nothing like curling up in a favorite chair with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and leisurely turning the page,reading articles and drooling over the lovely photos. Call it a generational thing but that's the way it is. (For me,anyway!)
   First thing I really like is the size-much smaller than your standard American magazine,it's a great take along with you read,measuring about 6" wide & 8 1/2" high. It covers current popular players in addition to those who were hot in the past-ukulele makers,and it even sports a centerfold of sorts-a Martin taropatch with info on this vintage beauty. 
   There's a review section covering books,DVD's,and CD's. A photo spotlight for uke players round the globe. The overall quality of the magazine is excellent-from the quality of the paper to the rich photographs. 
   I see room for even more growth should Kamuke add columns-perhaps one for baritone and tenor uke in the DGAE tuning. A repair column for those who are aspiring to become well versed in the restoration & repair of ukuleles. A world of possibilities exist in this petite but powerful publication. I'll be ordering my next issue soon!

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  1. Thanks for your review.

    I recently received issue 7 a good 2+ years after your review, and I can report the formula hasn't changed much over the years. There's still a good selection of articles and reviews and plenty of insightful information. Like you, one thing I would like to see is a section for Luthiers and even more reviews of high-end ukes which are instruments I can only dream about!