Friday, November 4, 2011

Hep Kitten Shows You Some Yuletide Carols for Baritone Uke

   There is a ton of Yuletide carols arranged for soprano uke but none for baritone (that I know of) So-in order to remedy this malady,I've tabbed out two carols...."O Come O Come Emmanuel",which dates back to the 9th century,and "I Saw Three Ships",which is another happy and old piece. There are chords so others can follow along & strum. I've tried to make these as simple as possible but also rich sounding. If some of the string pinches throw you & you use a plectrum,try using a thumbpick and you'll be fine.Remember to enjoy yourself in learning them!

O Come Emmanuel/I saw 3 Ships Arranged for Baritone Ukulele Sherrie Hoyer -

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