Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank You,Egyptian Uke Players!

What an unexpected and wonderful surprise. I originally went to check this blog for comments (and had to remove a rude one-from now on all comments will be moderated!) After fixing that,I decided to check out my stats,then hit a tab called "audience" I was shown a map of the world with one nation in a very dark green meaning most of my readers at present are there. I have had over 100 page views in one day...all coming from Egypt! Seems my first baritone uke post for carols was a huge success. Which makes me a happy camper.
While I enjoy soprano & tenor uke very much,I feel my main thing is to get baritone uke more into the ukulele mainstream. It often gets treated like the "unwanted step-child" of the ukulele family. This needs to be corrected. To those readers in Egypt,please follow this blog if you haven't yet. And you all have my most heartfelt thanks. Let me know what sort of ukulele posts you'd be interested in seeing. I'll give you a preview of what's coming up: eye candy. I won a vintage Lanai soprano uke at opening bid (which was low!) I'm waiting for it to arrive to clean it up and re-string it,and then I write about it here.

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