Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day,and Holiday Pluckin!

      Holy's September already! It feels like 2 weeks ago I was watching the Rose Parade,and here we are. Football season is upon us,and Halloween is coming. It;s been a hot & humid August,and I can't wait for the cooler Fall weather to be upon us.
        I have re-activated the Hep-Kittens Baritone Ukulele Blog and moved it to a nicer location. You can find it here I'm considering moving this one as well. The other site is most impressive and this one has gotten messy. Soprano playing wise I've been doing tab arrangements of "Avalon" "China Boy" "Chinatown my Chinatown" among others in addition to learning "The Addams Family Theme". I'm playing my Daniel Ho concert model which I adore.
       There is a new model of soprano uke coming,which I have preordered to check out made by a company not previously known for uke making. I won't be able to get a hold of one till October. It will be hot pink,and it's by a company well known for making instruments for women & girls. Comes with a gig bag & book. It will be in my store for ordering once they're made available (if I deem it good enough quality to stock it that is) so stay tuned.

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