Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back To School,Football,And Other Newness

The end of summer already! I hope it was a good one for you. And with Fall coming,it's back to school,football,and adding to one's song list. On the list of interesting things I'm doing uke-wise,I'm polishing up previously learned tunes and enjoying being a new subscriber to Ukulele Magazine. I'm crossing my fingers that in a year they become perhaps a bi monthly publication as opposed to being a quarterly one. 
  I've been exploring where I want to go musically. As many of you know,I'm a multi instrumentalist-and over the past two or so years have tried out a lot of different instruments. I also realize there's only so many hours in a day and only so much playing one's fingers can handle in a day as well. So I've decided to mainly focus on ukulele (of course!) mandolin,and guitar (classical/fingerpicking) While I'll still knock around with things like banjo,I seriously want to stay with small instruments. (I know guitar 
isn't small,but I've been playing one since I was 11 & I'm too far in to quit now.....) And flute.Which I'm doing a swell job on teaching myself to play. Back to ukuleles..........
    I've decided to restore a banjo uke that was given me quite awhile back. A Stella in much need of parts. As we speak I'm hunting for the bracket that attaches to the dowel stick to hold the neck in place-without that,any other part aquisitions would be useless. I'm hoping to have it restored before December-and yes I'm doing it myself. 
    As far as image goes (watch out boys,we're gonna talk fashion & makeup for a bit) I found some sweet Kindle book deals on flapper fashion & makeup. If any of you ladies are interested and have an e reader,do look up the titles "1920's Fashion For Your Body Type" and "Vintage Makeup: a simple guide to the 1920's,30's,40's,and 50's". Lots of awesome ideas in these books which I got the Kindle versions for 99¢ ea! And stage presence is always important. 
    Another cool discovery was thru Ukulele mag,where they mentioned a "new" CD by an artist named Papa Lemon. I never heard of this ukulele artist from so long ago,and you can hear some sample tracks on Amazon. I'll be picking this CD up soon. 
      Are you working on Halloween tunes & Christmas carols yet? Have any Holiday gigs lined up? Busking plans? And speaking of busking (I'm so glad you mentioned that!) There is a busking blog aimed at women. I never realized that there's not many chick buskers out there. The blog is The Womens Buskers Project & it's a hoot to look at-so do have a visit and say hi!

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