Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching Up On Inquiries About Zither Heaven Ukes.....And Other Interesting Tidbits

   During the last part of 2013 I had "accidently" bumped into an extended family member who I hadn't seen in over a decade. Why this individual dropped contact I don't know-but after being in touch for a week,he called and informed me he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and had it for quite some time. While he knew some of his mental processes were not working right,he never went to the Dr. to find out what was going on with him. To make a long story short,he was operated on,but passed away a little earlier this year. This was a difficult time as there was so much I wanted to catch this person up on,as he was like an uncle to me in my growing up...but that was not to be. I can only guess he's hearing the playing I would've liked to have done for him while he was still on the planet in spirit. Hence my absence here.
     To those who had sent questions in during that time,I'm sorry for not getting back to you. As you know,there's never a good time to lose someone but it always seems worse when bad news like this hits around the holidays.
      At any rate-to answer a question about Zither Heaven instruments being shipped to New Zealand........not at this time. The company ships only in the USA and it looks like they're sticking to that. My suggestion would be that if you have a friend or relative coming to the US,perhaps you could have them pick one up for you while they're here and bring it back with them. It should qualify as a carry on piece.
       I'm trying another method of getting ukulele news out- it's a program called "Scoop It!" and it's quite easy to use. I'll be adding links to the bottom of the page here in the links section. In the meantime you can find it here there's a lot of fun info and articles there,in addition to videos. I never know what I'll be finding to share there,so check often. This is a partner to my Twitter paper "Ukulele Utopia".
       Looking over a book I'll be reviewing......a ukulele tutorial. Will keep you all in mystery until my next entry! (Trust me,it's worth the wait!)

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