Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween is Coming.....And So Is The Blues!

I took a longer break than anticipated,and the domain name for this site is up for renewal as of tomorrow....which got me to thinking about this blog,and whether I wanted to continue with it. I was astonished at all the hits it's had,and I decided to get busy writing here once again. I've been busy in the mandolin,banjo and banjitar worlds of late,writing a monthly column for 6 string banjo for The Banjo Hangouts e-zine.

Yet,lately I've been getting a yearning to pick up my ukuleles again,both soprano and baritone. I also found a possible new supplier for soprano ukes,I'll see when I get to test out one that I ordered to see if it's as good as the reviews say it is. If I see it's worthy,I'll be selling them in the store,and yes they have regular tuning pegs,as opposed to the Zither Heaven model that I carry. I know that's been a sort of bone of contention for some potential customers out there.

I do have a rather cool blues ukulele book in the bonanza store on Blues ukulele This book shows you how to do your own blues as opposed to learning blues songs on your flea. So I've dug out my ukes,dusted them off and tuned them,and am surprised at how much I do remember,esp with memorizing mandolin and banjo chord forms and all.

The past year was a little rough-I won't go into all the details,but with the arrival of Fall I feel like I'm going on an upward trend.

There's a new to me online ukulele magazine out there on Facebook called Ukulele Magazine and you can read it online for free! So do check them out,I think it's wonderful what they're doing with it. So until next time,keep your spirits up,and play hauntingly good music. Anyone using their uke as part of their costume this year?

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