Monday, April 18, 2011

Zither Heaven Ukulele Review A+!

     After being delighted with the banjo uke from Zither Heaven,I wanted to see what their "regular" uke was like. (So did a reader who asked my opinion) 
     I got a model made from North American cherry wood. I was delighted. It not only looks awesome,the tone is rich and resonant. Lots of sustain and the tuners slide as smooth as glass. Barre chords are a breeze due to the low action. And I love the string thru the body feature. No more having to get string ends tucked into the bridge. 
This uke is made to last-very sturdy,and as an odd side note-it smells good too. I've always
enjoyed the smell of wood. 

I should note it has a floating bridge-so change your strings on it as you would a fiddle-
don't take all the strings off at once-do the two outer,then the two inner strings. And I asked the makers if it was ok for me to treat the fingerboard with oil-the frets are plastic,as on the banjo uke model and I wanted to be sure I couldn't mess anything
up. You can treat the fingerboard with oil. 
This is now my main take along ukulele. The wood is blonder looking in person than in the photos,btw. Gorgeous grain and it's nice to know my ukulele didn't call for the destroying
of any forests as the woods used for theseare gained from sustainable sources. 
I'm offering these for $49 plus shipping. A wheel of a deal and made in the USA! get one here in the ukuleles section



  1. What's the tuning like on this one? Is it as good as on their banjo uke?

  2. Sherrie,
    Thanks for reviewing! I would love to hear this little beauty... if it's not too much to ask for a video excerpt. For instance, how does its sound compare with the Makala Dolphin or the Flea?

  3. T- I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. As I have never played a flea or dolphin,I couldn't say. I will be making a video clip using this lil gem in a few days-been learning a new tune.

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